Components are hard to find for a car user experience. Here are some tools and source files to help you design.

Included in the download below are Sketch files including the Main Computer Unit, Instrument Cluster and mobile app design. All the icons that I've used are in a .sketch file too. I've sorted the Main Computer Unit and Instrument Cluster file by components too, so you can easily dissect the structure of the file. The Instrument Cluster for example, requires quite a few masks and overlays.

Maps are quite a bit of work to incorporate in your design. I've used Mapbox and screenshots of maps to get beautiful maps in my Sketch files. I'll suggest making an account and creating custom maps. Note that in these maps you can't skew or tilt the view. In the Mapbox studio you can. These are some of mine:

Photoshop mockups to help present your design and show context.

Along with the mockups, I also have two sets of recorded driving footage. Most footage found online is either on U.S. roads or very dated and in poor quality. One trip is about an hour long and the other one is a 20 minute drive.

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Includes mockups, icons, driving footage and IC & MCU design.