About and credits

Shoutout to those who helped create this project. 

Hello! I am Luc van Loon and I completed this project at Dutch design agency UNITiD. Where Niels Mulder guided me through completing this project and helped building the dashboard. Through LinkedIn I got in contact with a lot of users and the Tesla Worldwide Facebook group was a great help and daily insight in how Tesla users across the globe used their car. Also a great help in getting funny images for my final presentation.

Along the way my dad helped with filming driving footage and doing test drives with other cars than just the Tesla. My mother and sister checked my poorly written words in my research and helped making sentences much easier to read.

I would also like to thank the users that were so open and willing to test, have me drive along and come to UNITiD to test in the dashboard setup.

For those who want to share or distribute my research or this webpage, feel free to do so. You can also use my research and downloads for commercial use. See the detailed license here. 

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